Friday, March 25, 2011

A thousand apologies...

Hey everyone, Keldain here.

I wanted to apologize for my absence, life has been pretty busy lately, and I haven't been feeling the best as of late.

I wish I had updates and new stuff to show you, but unfortunately I don't, although you can always find that good stuff over at Lyoss is Burning.

I'll endeavor to get back in the game when I can, currently in the process of moving out of a friend's apartment and hopefully into my own soon enough.

Take care,
~ Keldain

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A new beginning.

Hello everyone and welcome to House Shyeel Mk II, this is Keldain from the PP Forums, and I've decided to take up the work started by HighSerraphim and Magnus' Right Hand Man so long ago.

To get things started, I thought I'd go ahead and share a little information about myself.

My name is Justin, I'm 20 years old (I'll be turning 21 in November), and I've been playing Warmachine on and off for about the better part of the past 6 years.

I played Cryx when I first started out, and then converted to the Protectorate of Menoth after a couple months, but late last year I fell deeply in love with the new faction announced for Warmachine: the Retribution of Scyrah.

After learning more about the Retribution, I became fervently active on the PP Forums after years of silence, I participated in many discussions in our young community and helped to lay the ground work for many of our core strategies and tactics.

It was however, with great sorrow, that I had to leave the community for many months, personal issues that I won't discuss made it nearly impossible for me to be as active on the forums as I used to be, however, when I returned I found our community still in relatively good spirits and fairly active, but not as enthusiastic as it used to be, and my favorite Retribution blog, House Shyeel, had become inactive during my time away.

That is why today on the 1st day of September, to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the announcement of our beloved faction (I know it was announced in May of last year, but yeah) and in honor of HighSerraphim and Magnus' Right Hand Man, I have decided to create House Shyeel Mk II.

I hope I can live up to their example and bring you quality information in the days, months, or even years to come.

- Keldain